Why Some Men are Attracted to Women with Relatively Larger Bums Sexuality

Some men are attracted to ladies who have relatively larger derrieres while others prefer smaller ones. Scientists have attempted to explain this attraction by coming up with theories. Whilst such theories are compelling, they are no more than high level speculation. The studies are simply a projection of the scientist’s perspectives since no scientist has done an extensive multi-country study to find out men’s level of attractiveness to the butt.

Another interesting fact to note is that big bums are just but an illusion. Strictly speaking, it is not a big butt per se.  What you could be seeing as a big bootied lady could be a lady who had a low waist to hip ratio. This means that if you are able to reduce your waist, then you will appear to have a bigger butt. Alternatively, you can increase your butt while maintaining the waist measurements for a big butt illusion.

So why is it that men seem to be attracted to women with big booty?

1) The big butt is now trending

The current pop culture has made men jump on the big butt band wagon that has hit Hollywood and other parts of the world. It seems like these men are easily influenced and are having unrealistic images of what a woman’s body should truly look like. Images of big bums are constantly being tossed onto people’s faces and so we do really have to question this obsession. You have all probably seen the Kim Kardashian “break the internet butt photo” that exposed her big naked butt for all to see. Magazines, popular music, billboard charts are all about the big ass. Today, big butts are clearly having the best time in history. Sadly, this phenomenon has got so many women with small butts undergo extreme measures to have something close to Nicky Minaj and Beyonces’s derriere. Brazillian buttlifts, Butt injections, waist training and butt pills are the order of the day. This is just a trend and like all trends, it will come to pass.

2) It’s a good sign of future child bearing potential

Scientific explanations allude that big buttocks are a good sign of future child bearing potential of the woman. Child birth to women with bigger buttocks is less deadly. This means that there is a greater chance that the woman will survive child birth to raise your offspring and heck give you more offspring. So men are subconsciously attracted to the bigger buttocks for reproductive purposes. Even though this may be the case, we have seen women with smaller buttocks fairing very well in the child birth department. So again, this scientific theory leaves a lot to be unearthed.

3) Provides visual stimulus

Probably second after assessing your boobs as you walk towards him, a man will move on to your butt to analyse the proportionality of your ‘assets’. Men are very visual creatures and are pretty much wired to want sex with mostly women. They are still attracted by the visible exterior anatomy of a female. They will start judging women based on their looks before they get to know them better. That’s just how nature is. Men have observed that women who had larger rear ends that weren’t all that sexy when standing up due to odd shapes looked really amazing when bent over. They also mentioned that the sensation that big butts provide during sex i.e. tickling the balls while thrusting was amazing in addition to the view.

4) Provides the well needed anchor during intercourse

Big buttocks apparently make sex easier during intercourse. If the lady is substantially smaller than the man, there is a good chance that the guy will be pushing her around like a lawnmower. A well endowed woman will have a good anchor allowing for deep penetration hence better chance of making babies. Maybe big butts are a direction that evolution is pointing us to.

5) Something for their hands

The round soft fat reserves provide the man with something to grope every time he gets physically intimate with the lady. The texture of the soft butt leaves an incredible feeling of satisfaction when a man touches it. When you are in a club dancing away, you may notice some man coming up to your bum to grind himself against you. A big butt provides a great grinding cushion that fits the guy’s hips perfectly hitting all the right spots without even knowing you or seeing your face.

6) Women with big butts apparently have smarter kids

According to an evolutionary psychologist, Gordon G.  Gallup Jr. of the University of Albany, women with big butts apparently have smarter kids and tend to be more intelligent themselves. The fat stored in the women’s buttocks has unique long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are important for babies’ brain development. Gallup says that men aren’t aware of these scientific reasons of attraction to big buttocked women but attracted they are.

7) Traditional culture is to blame

Women with big butts look more mature than their slim counterparts. For example in many parts of Africa, a wife expected to look mature enough and of age to handle the wifely duties. Nothing befits this description better than a curvaceous woman. Infact, in some parts of Nigeria, women had to go through a fattening camp for a period of time in preparation for marriage. In this camp, the women are fed fattening food and taught how to be wives. By the time they come out of the camp, they look very curvaceous thereby commanding a higher bride price. To the men from these communities, being seen with a big ass woman commands respect and provokes the envy of other men.


  1. This is so sad. These things that I was once teased and ridiculed that are naturally apart of me and the majority of latinas and black women are trendy. Really?These women are going through identity crisis and need Professional help smdh. When the trend is over are you going to get your butt taken out or liposuction again. Black and latino culture are trendy? Is everyone going to get rid of there lips and butts and stop worshipping the sun? Why is this becoming a competition? Fake vs real ? Be happy in the skin and body your in. These people will never be happy with themselves. Look at Kim Kardashian once a real beauty almost flawless. Now she has a uni ,saggy diaper butt,expressionless because of botox so sad she looks 45 instead of on her 30’s so sad. Her sister Kylie looks in her 30s her mouth looks so swollen she was a replica of bruce jenner now her and black chyna look like twins. Money fame but really unhappy people that they changed there whole body. This is what children are seeing no wonder,there is a rapid incline of suicide,drugs,mental illness among teens,identity crisis ,dont know if they are girls or boys,bullying an so on this generation is so Fu**ed!! 35 and under.

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